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Do you have a coaching biz or an ‘expensive hobby’?

…that’s what Nicola Bird’s husband used to call her efforts to get more clients. Ring any bells? With that in mind, I just wanted to check you’d received the email I sent you yesterday as Nicola Bird and I are going to be sharing exactly how she created over $24,000 in coaching revenues in just… [Read More]


What is the difference between a coach and a psychotherapist?

I often have the opportunity to talk about the difference between coaching and counseling with my students. Many coach students are in fact, already practicing counseling and psychotherapy and have decided they want to add coaching to their offerings. But what is the difference? When I became a coach several years ago, one of the… [Read More]


The Smart Way to Save Money on Healthy Food

I am always promoting a healthy lifestyle but for some people, making the complete lifestyle change can be a challenge. I know for me, one of the biggest struggles in eating healthy is finding a store that stocks all of my favorites. I end up driving to 3 different health food stores, wasting time and… [Read More]


Certified Spirit Guide Coach, Free Chakra Chart and More!

This blog is about Deborah King– to introduce you to her wonderful courses and information. Metaphysical Teacher She is a fabulous metaphysical teacher and I am soaking up her knowledge and passion for all things “pixie.” She also grabbed my attention because her personal story led her from a very analytical, fact-based career as a… [Read More]


Alternative Approaches to Optimal Mental Health -Free Summit!

This will prove to be an awesome online event- and most intriguing? It is offered FREE. The Mental Wellness Summit is an educational and empowering experience that explores better ways to approach and treat mental health from a root cause perspective–it’s designed with everyone in mind. WHY ATTEND? Today’s powerful treatment options, including specialized diet… [Read More]