Peonies and distance healing


Do you have a favorite flower? I love peonies. When I lived on Lookout Mountain  I had peony flowers that were outrageously beautiful growing in my yard. I did not plant them or cultivate them but I enjoyed their beauty. When I moved, I transplanted them to my parent’s yard where they still thrive.

Imagine my delight, while reading Flower Therapy (by Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves) to discover that peonies represent distance healing. There are no coincidences. Synchonicity abounds. I have been practicing a form of distant healing for years in the form on online therapy. I have taught hundreds of counselors and psychotherapist how to deliver therapeutic services via distance. Now I extend that teaching to coaches, intuitives and complimentary/alternative healers who utilize the internet to guide, teach or heal others.

It is nice to discover that some of the anchor images I have known and loved all of my life reveal their meaning when I take time to listen.



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