What is a Certified Angel Card Reader?


As I expand my intuitive wings I am discovering many different methods of healing and self growth. Of course I had heard of Doreen Virtue. She is a renowned intuitive who is greatly respected. And of course, I am familiar with Tarot cards.

So what are Angel Cards? Doreen set out to create a set of Angel Cards utlizing the Tarot tradition, with the goal of creating cards that are pleasing to the eye, the heart and the soul. She found that some clients were often startled by the images found in traditionalT arot card decks yet she respects the deep tradition of Tarot card readings.

This course (yes, I took it!) is a great course in learning not just about Virtue’s Angel Cards (and the many card decks she has created) but also includes a bit of history about Tarot and Oracle cards. She co-facilitates this  Four-Lesson Audio Series with Radleigh Valentine. Each lesson is approximately 90 minutues to 2 hours in length.

Some of you may be wondering how I might incorporate Angel Card readings into my practice so I will offer my thoughts here. The cards are absolutely beautiful and there are many decks to choose from.  There are even apps for the card decks.  So on a very basic level, the cards are aesthetically pleasing.  I can use one-card readings for group ice-breakers. I can use Angel Tarot Cards or Flower Therapy Oracle Cards to enhance essential oil meetups.  Within an individual session, I can use the cards as a way to stimulate conversation much as therapists and coaches have used positive affirmation books and cards for decades. The cards are also a great tool for discussing symbolism and metaphors.

angel card readingsI could have simply purchased the decks and used them at will, but I do respect the sacred intention and purpose in the creation of the cards so I wanted to learn more and be able to use the cards as they are designed to be used.  I encourage you to explore too!

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