Reiki Healing in a Digital Age

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I have been writing lessons for our new Certified Reiki Master Teacher course at the Online Therapy Institute and I am reminded of the powerful gift of Reiki.  We have the ability to help ourselves through energy that is available to all of us.

I am creating a course that extends beyond the usual Reiki I, II and III with a few twists in philosophy and approach. You do not have to be a Reiki Master to do Reiki.  You only need to be attuned to Reiki to fully access the energy that can assist with self-healing. I understand this to mean that you must be open, accepting and intentional about your use of Reiki and allow yourself to learn and become attuned. In the Reiki tradition, one becomes attuned by someone else who is a Reiki Master. I see this process as guidance – as a way of beginning the intentional path with full awareness of the energy one has always had access to. I have heard it explained as turning a light brighter as one might do with a dimmer switch on a lamp. The more intentional and focused we become, the brighter our light can shine.

One might already guess that I do not view Reiki from the mainsteam Reiki lens and the beauty of Reiki is that I truly believe once one is attuned and takes mindful steps to learn  the basic teachings of Reiki, Reiki becomes what Reiki needs to be for each of us.  Because I have used distance and technology in my psychotherapy practice for over a dozen years, teaching clients how to self-regulate, self-contain, meditate and visualize via distance, it is a natural next step for me to promote Reiki in the same way.

I decided to create a Reiki I course that is reflective of the learning that was impactful for me- and for me, one of the most impactful elements was the online accessibility. My Reiki training was online. My attunement happened via distance. My experience was soulful, inspirational and life-enhancing. After I completed my training, I became a Reiki Blessings Academy Instructor so that I could share Dharmedevi’s teachings and her handbook is included.  I separate Reiki I from the remaining coursework-  Reiki II and III and additional lessons leading to a credential as a Certified Reiki Master Teacher.  The additional lessons cover ethical considerations for licensed practitioners as well as informed consent and confidential use of technology for all healing practitioners.  But this is really about reaching more people so that we all have access to the self-healing through Reiki. Reiki teachings are sacred but not to be coveted… 

As Reiki Master Teachers we cannot run the risk of thinking that OUR teaching, OUR way, OUR method is more worthy of another when we are all working  toward the same goal-  to pass this great gift along.

Many online training programs exist and my belief is that Reiki energy cannot be wrongly manipulated. A person can have wrong intentions but whether a person is trained online or off, the intention is within the person. In fact, wrong intention means they may not seek training at all. It happens in every profession and every healing discipline.   And as I have found with therapy and coaching, some prefer in-person and some prefer online. Some people prefer learning in person and some people prefer learning online. The courses I offer at Online Therapy Institute are online and self-paced with 1-to-1 mentoring throughout. I do not charge for teaching you about the energy you already have access to, I simply charge for my time so that I can engage fully in our dialogue. 

Reiki meets cyberculture! It’s a wonderful digital world we live in! 

Stay tuned for more info!


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